World Cup Champion : Larry R Williams, turn $10,000 into $1,100,000 using Money Management System

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One indicator that is standard and available in almost all trading applications is William%R, this indicator was created by Larry R Williams, a stock and commodity trader with more than 60 years of experience.

Larry is not only a trader but also a writer and politician from the State of Montana, USA and the father of actress Michelle Williams

Larry R Williams has taught thousands of people to trade the markets, and has become the only futures trader in the world to repeatedly trade $1 million of his own money live at seminars around the world.

As a writer, he has produced several books related to trading stocks and commodities, some of which are best sellers on the Amazon website.

His first book on investing was published in 1970 entitled “The secret of selecting stocks for immediate and substantial gains.”

This was followed by his first book on stocks, entitled “Sure thing commodity trading, how seasonal factors influence commodity prices”. Dozens of his books have been translated into various foreign languages

In 1962, when Williams first became acquainted with the market world, his interest was sparked by the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a reduction in steel prices.

At that time, a lot of people lost money but Larry was able to take advantage of the opportunity to earn money from trading.

Larry began to understand when he could make $100 dollars a day trading the market in both ups and downs.

Larry Williams was still a student at that time for a student’s pocket $100, which includes a lot of pizza

Williams graduated from the University of Oregon in 1964 in journalism because of his love of writing. In 1965, He was actively trading on the market and also wrote in the newsletter.

It wasn’t long before Williams started doing groundbreaking market research. In 1966, he developed the well-known indicator, namely Williams Percent R.

This tool is still published daily in many major financial newspapers and is a standard indicator provided on trading websites, software and applications around the world.

In between trading, researching, developing trading tools, teaching and writing, Williams also managed to run twice for the US Senate from the Republican Party and he also managed to run 76 marathons and managed to climb the summit of Mount Sinai.

Williams succeeded in creating several market indicators, the famous one is the William%R indicator.

In addition, he also creates other indicators such as Ultimate Oscilallator, COT Indices, accumulation/distribution indicators, cycle forecasts, market sentiment and value measurement for commodity prices.

Williams won the 1987 Futures World Cup Championship, where he managed to turn $10,000 into over $1,100,000 (11,300%) in 12 months of real money competition.

Almost every year, the winners are his students , ten years later, his daughter, actress Michelle Williams, also wins the same contest.

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